Smell Proof Bag with Combination Lock, 11" x 9" Odor Proof Stash Pouch, Magnetic Strip Seal Waterproof Zipper Bags for Smelly Accessories: Pipe, Vape, Rolling Papers (4 Mini Stash Bags)

$ 19.89

4-LAYER SMELL PROOF: Are you still troubled by being aware of odorous items? ISOPHO smell proof bag has 4 layers of odor protection, unique sealed magnetic stripe, waterproof zipper, and inner carbon fiber. After professional testing, they can effectively isolate all odors. We also give away 4 small sealed storage bags, which can easily store herbs, spices, tea, or dog snacks you carry.

PERFECT SIZE AND POCKET: smell proof pouch 11 * 9 inches of space, easy to carry, can provide maximum storage capacity; small size, lightweight, can be used as a clutch bag or into a luggage bag, backpack. A high-quality odor isolation bag with two mesh compartments inside and a compartment on the back can help you separate different items, while also perfectly protecting the safety of your items.

COMBINATION LOCK AND WATERPROOF MUTE ZIPPER: The combination of the mute zipper of the smell proof bag and the built-in combination lock can protect the privacy and security of your items. The product contains an instruction card for setting a password. The mute waterproof zipper is not only waterproof, but it also will not make a harsh sound like a traditional zipper when in use, which is convenient for you to use in a quiet place.

ACTIVATED CARBON FIBER AND WATERPROOF PVC: The inner lining of activated carbon fiber enhances the ability of the odor proof bag to absorb odor. After hundreds of tests, it can effectively absorb the odor in the bag; the high-quality waterproof PVC outer layer can not only waterproof but also seal all the odors inside, keep the moisture-prone items dry and get the best possible preservation.

QUALITY SERVICE: ISOPHO provides a lifetime warranty on our deodorant bags and provides 100% satisfactory service. We will reply to your letter within 24 hours.