Waterproof Cargo Carrier Bag 500x500D clip grid 100% waterproof Storm-proof 60"x24''x24''

$ 49.99

1.The hitch mount cargo bag is 100% waterproof carrier bag not just water resistant to ensure your stuff stays nice and dry during your drive like a waterproof bag great for vehicle cargo baskets.

2.Hitch rack cargo carrier bag made from heavy duty abrasion resistant vinyl and offers the best weather protection for even extreme conditions and elements such as wind, sun, rain, snow, or sand great for camping traveling sports tailgating.

3.It is bonded with high-frequency voltage, replacing the traditional sewing process, and has velcro bonding at the zipper head, a design that makes it safer to waterproof.

4.Simple and easy to install in your hitch carrier cargo carriers and with the soft shell material you can just fold it up to save space while not in use

5.Just pack up and hit the road while we do the worrying for you. If you have any questions or concerns you can reach out to us and we will be more than happy to resolve any issues you may have